My Vow

As you probably have noticed, I have not been posting anything lately. It is not that I have stopped cooking, or even that I have stopped writing about the food I have been cooking. I have been starting posts and leaving them partly done as life goes on. There is no one reason (i.e., excuse) for this, so I am not going to fabricate one. I will keep this post short to make sure I actually complete it.

My vow (not a resolution for the new year or any nonsense like that) is to complete my half written posts and start posting on a more regular basis (by that I mean at least every other week for now). The posts may not be the wordiest or have the prettiest photo to accompany them, but they will be added for someone other than me to read.

Wish me luck and feel free to call me out if you don’t see a greater frequency of posts in the coming weeks. Thanks.

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