Baked Polenta With Crispy Leeks and Gorgonzola

As someone who is always looking for a new recipe to try, I get email newsletters from many publications. Last Friday I got my “What to Cook This Weekend” email from New York Times Cooking, and I found the perfect recipe to try. I texted my wife a link to the recipe and her response was, “OMG! My mouth is watering…”

We have been big fans of polenta for quite a while, so the opportunity to try a new recipe that requires less active time spent whisking the polenta would automatically be a win to me. What makes this recipe even better is the combination of textures and flavors in the dish.

I am a sucker for creamy polenta, but add in the sharp and earthy gorgonzola to double-down on the creaminess and the leeks that are all crispy and sweet from sauteeing them into golden-brown deliciousness on the top and you have an almost perfect meal. I added some sliced cremini mushrooms that I also sauteed until they were little umami-laden garnishes on top of the layer of leeks.

We each had about one third of the 9 x 9 baking dish of polenta for our meal, and I was able to see how the flavors and textures would do warmed up as leftovers. I noticed that the polenta was just as creamy the next day, but the earthiness of the gorgonzola was even more pronounced than it had been when the dish was fresh. This is definitely a recipe that I will make again. I would highly recommend doubling the ingredients to make more servings (leftovers) or to share with friends who appreciate a warm pile of polenta goodness. If people don’t like the funk of a good gorgonzola, I bet a dollop of mascarpone or even some goat cheese would make a decent alternative. Buon Appetito!

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The recipe (minus the mushrooms) is available at –


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