My New Favorite Sandwich

When I go out for lunch, my typical choice is a sandwich of some sort. I am usually not overly picky if it is a deli sandwich, a gyro, a burger or something else. I thought I had settled on my favorite one being the Three Little Pigs at the Zingerman’s Bakehouse (not on the menu at the Deli, but it is worth the trip south of I-94 to try it), until I recently tried the Smoked Whitefish BLT at Rappourt Brew and Chew.

Simply put, it is a BLT on toasted sourdough bread with a smoked whitefish spread instead of mayo. What that simple description doesn’t tell is how the spread adds a subtle smokiness that complements the more intense smoke flavor of the thick-cut bacon. It also doesn’t do anything to describe the creamy texture that the generous layer of whitefish spread contributes to make this sandwich so special.

This BLT takes all the things that make a BLT an almost perfect sandwich and amplifies them with the bonus of the smoked whitefish spread. The slices of fresh tomato and leaves of mixed greens between the spread and the bacon provide just enough of a barrier to be able to taste the differing levels of smoke that the name of the sandwich promises.

If you like a good BLT and like the lightly smoked flavor of a Michigan whitefish, this may be the sandwich for you too. I know one thing for certain, I will be going back again soon so I can have another.

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